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V ; \xj - 

You're On^jiH 



"'" Coach 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

- ^ . 

■a'\ '- ? 
wd~ - y 

~)£- - |£Sj-3 ; > '^«^?P! 

Eacti one an actress witfi a pant to play 

Opening numbers ,. « , 


[ T^* ^t Tr" 



' * 


1 jfe 






t M 



Hv </ 

'\ *5 

^f*£iJ*5r' ^i 

)Lv i3S 

falling action 





1 Ik** 


nFiFTTrii ' ■ : 1 1 1 n y 


"»* AMERICm 
gh,n.c. HOTTES* 



II . i 



T 1 



w 1 


WW* — 1 


^ % - I ' K 






Art . .. « 

Graduation *93 

clockwise from top left: Annika Schauer in Talking With: Lisa Furukawa at her senior recital; (Lisa also played with the Durham Symphony in March); Dr. Esthimer's band and 
the Chorale at Spring Fest. 

• ,. ,. ttie tieeiit off SMC 

Dedication • • • 

Our leading man 
We love you. Dr. Caddell 


Lee Lim, Elly Fuller, Robin Truitl, Emily Sprouse. Dawn Hair, Mimi Pinner, Jacquelyn Gill. Sandy Calves. Joanna Wetherman. Nina Cavallaro. Ghadeer Makkieh. Amy 
Lindenschmidt, Lauren Blaney, Sanae Murata, Amanda Nesbiti. Haddy Jeng, Sherri Rawls, Anna Whitley, Kendy Allen. Amy See. Knsten Gacek. Kiltie Lassiter 





rrrrfl ... 

H3 i ,ii ih BOfii 


Elizabeth Blackwood, Cameron Dixon, Jennifer Boleman, Katheryn Powell, Millicent Mooring, Elizabeth Olson, Lyn Cvjetnicanin, Virginia Bullock, Julie Bauchman, Kate 
Bauso, Alex Seago, Lisa Furukawa, Carla Cherry, Dana Havelka, Annika Schauer, Margaret Rowell, Peri Potkovick, Emily Dillon, Anna Carstarphan, Beth Miller, Missy 
Pierce, Holly Evans, Jennifer Jones, Lora Elder, Margaret Taylor, Catherine Wade, Karen Jonson, Boo Shepard, Jeni Cvjetnicanin, Brennie Sharpe, Suzie Simpson, Sara 
Culpepper, Katherine Watson, Sarah Montomery, Elizabeth Jenkins, Claudia Bishop, Cassie Warrington 



Lucy White, Tyler Hill, Eriea Jones, Martha Garcia, Anne Glenn. Allison Jarrell. Susan Stone, Jodie King, Sara Apple. 
Cortney Keenan, Camilla May, Shannon Jones, Jennifer Kulin. Lucy Coleman, Radford Perry, Suzanne Bell, Marv 
Catherine Gentry, Kathenne Watson. Holly Evans. Sara Voelker. Hillary McGee. Susan Young, Heather Gibson. 
Katheryn Powell. Beth Jervis 


Kari Miles, Eliza Pittman, Julie Bauchman, Nicole Hagan, Camilla May, Ann Lee, Lara Eppert, Amanda Nesbitt, Tom Bauso 











--£ S3 

« -O OiJ 

= ffl U 

C U 

■ i u <« 

3 £•< 

i = s 

« | 
« £ c 

1 9 u ' 



u b > 5- 



1 3 





3. 2 E, 

S § = 

To O 

o- = a 

c/> 2. 2 

C 3 E 

§S 3 

3 0,5 
■5 S - 

Bs O n 

• -3 3 

E 5' 3C 


= ? 


O O. 

p — ; 



Becky Mercer, Katheryn Powell, Lora Elder, Nancy Mercer, 

Radford Perry, Julie Bauchman, Allison Wilkes, Emmalee Jones, 

Kate Bauso, Nicole Barnett, Amber Harris, Carrie McCracken, MM 

Williams, Kathryn Underwood, Caroline Caudill, Fran Kennedy, 

Lisa Furukawa 





oj 5. 
S 9- 

— S 

SO >» 

^ < 


X ^. 


I 1 ! 

U of 
c c 
n c 
a Cu 

to ._ 

u.- £ 

o „ 
2 u 

■A ^<^ 

1 E^ 

t <■ ~ 

£ -B 

p IK 





"9 a 


Fleur Optekamp. Allison Smith, advisor; Brimmage Spruill, 

Holly Evans 






"2 c ' 


- ul b 

= o x 

is is 

go c - 

U U W 

— u X 


i «.-• 

"!o = 

u- ,'S 

ra — ■ £ 

3 - 4j 

Q ^£ 

« > w 
ia ^ o 

5- ./■. fl 

i k£ 

« 0- a> 
° u- '3 

g 5 U 


uj-s a 

ra X ^ 
E . o 

S S u 




Andrea Staunch, Amy Grandiss. Barton Wagner. Leslie Wagstaff, Amy Grandiss. Allison Leith. Jeanme Eason. Louisa 
Gibson. Amber Harris 



Louisa Harrison, Camilla May. Ann Green. Alison Leilh, Cassie Warrington, Anna Carstarphan. Dow Perry, Emily Sprouse, 
Anne Connell, Toccoa Choate, Sinclair Fowler, Emily Jenkins, Emmy Teague. Rebecca Folline. Bnmage Spruill, Meredith 
Toomes, Mary Pat Phillips, Emily Jackson, Margaret Taylor. Austin Staunch, Mary Ellen Collier. Katherine Gregory. 
Charlotte Stephenson 



4 H 


Couch. Emma Lee Jones. Jennifer Jones. Lora Elder. Judith Greeman. Margaret Taylor. M ilia Penlli. A. Thurslon 
Debnam, Val Bennett, Jennifer Esham. Allison Wildes. Julie Faulk. Evadora Boyd. Sarah Corbitt 



Lora Elder, Allison WMkcs, Kathy Mitchell, Cameron Dison, Claudia Bishop, Caroline Caudill, Dana Havclka, Sarah 
Montgomery, Jennifer Bole-man, Missy Pierce, Betsy Ward. Beth Hanna, Catherine Wright 


Sally Gallagher. Ann Akers. Amy Llndenschmidl. Jennifer Stocks. Winston Rice 



Jennifer Boleman. Claudia Bishop, Lucy While, Beaman Lewis, Lori Leatherman, Elizabeth Blackwood, Sara Culpepper. 
Brooke Ramos 



Chrissy Griffin. Lora Elder. Lara Eppert, Dow Perry. Alliison Murphy. Erica Jones. Julie Bauchman. Ann Lee. Catherine 
Dallon. Camilla May 



Kim Walker. Julie Bauchman, Susan Witt. Anne Thurston Debnam. Brennie Sharpe, Sarah Montgomery, Shannon Jenkins, 
Lyn Cvjetnicanin, Elizabeth Olson. Jeni Cvjetnieanin. Fran Kennedy. Alex Seago, Boo Shepard, Kate Bauso. Anne Connell 
Nicole Barnett. Lindley D'AIonzo 



Amy Hassinger. Cassic Warrington, Allison Murphy. Elizabeth Blackwood. Lora Elder. Brooke Ramos. Kale Bauso 
Susan Witt, Elizabeth Jenkins. Suzie Simpson. Anne Kettle, Allison Wilkes. Corbin Williams 



Anne Glenn. Susan Stone, Dee McCoy. Liz Brookby. Mary Catherine Gentry. Joanna Odere. Dana Havelka, Carla Cherry. 
Caroline Caudill. Allison Wilkes. Louisa Harrison. Catherine Wade. Corbin Williams. Catherine Gregory, Kristi Moyer. Beth 
Jervis, Nicol Constantina, Cecilia Sotomayor. Laura Park, Jennifer Kulin. Elizabeth Blackwood. Mary Louise Tallcy 



Susan Witt, Amy See, Ellie Jarman, Anlonia Beh, Shannon Jones, Robin Conklin, Allison J aire 1 1 



Jennifer Boleman, Kalhryn Underwood, Nikki Sexton, Ann Lee, Ashley Shelton, Stephanie Dudley. Winston Rice, Liz 
Edwards, Sally Gallagher, Valerie Van Oosten, Ann Akers, Beth Jervis 



Ashley Johnson. Emily Dillon, Claudia Bishop. Alice Grey Odom. Emily Sprouse. Jacqueline Gill, Lucy Coleman. Anne 
Glenn, Ann Lee. Mimi Pinner, Margaret Rowell. Caroline Caudill, Laura Park. Anna Whitley. Meghan Onman. Kendy 
Allen. Dow Perry, Alex Seago, Margaret Taylor, Holly Evans. Sarah Montgomery. 


All tlie world** ai stage .. .. • 

■ 1 ^k ^^^ ^^^^^H 

fl Hk^^hw V 

^B *► 




The air filled with cheers as William Jefferson Clinton was 
sworn into office as the 42nd president of the United States on 
January 20, 1993. 

As he turned to wave to the crowd of hundred of thousands 
gathered below him. his 12-year-old daughter, Chelsea, bounced 
over to his side and waved, grinning. 

For the oath-taking, Clinton chose a King James Bible given 
to him by his grandmother, opened to the Epistle of Paul The 
Apostle to the Galatians, Chapter 6, Verse 8. It read: 

"For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap cor- 
ruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap 
life everlasting." 



Is it political persecution by the military or desperate 
poverty, as the Bush administration suggests, causing Haitians 
to flee their homeland and seek asylum in the United States? 

Initially, the Bush administration accepted the refugees at 
the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and heard their 
request for asylum. About 27,000 of them were denied asylum 
and returned to Haiti. 

On May 24, 1992, President Bush decided that Coast Guard 
cutters would intercept the Haitians at sea and immediately re- 
turn them to their country. The Haitians could apply for 
asylum only through the U.S. Consulate at Port-au-Prince. 

Lawyers representing the Haitians filed a lawsuit to chal- 
lenge the policy while boat traffic from Haiti virtually stopped. 

The Supreme Court will decide in 1993 whether the Bush 
administration is violating immigration law by sending Hai- 
tian boat people back to their country without a hearing. 


Escorted by more than 1 ,000 private boats, replicas of 
Christopher Columbus' ships arrived in the United States on 
February 15, 1992, as part of the 500th anniversary celebra- 
tion of his voyage to the New World. 

Miami, FL was the first stop in a 20-city U.S. tour where 
more than 5,000 people cheered from docks and waterfront 
roads as the wooden reproductions of the Nina (bottom left), 
Pinta (top) and Santa Maria (bottom right) sailed into its 

Having toured Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, the ships 
crossed the Atlantic Ocean and visited the Dominican Re- 
public and the Bahamas. 

The ships, christened in Spain in 1990, were built with the 
same materials carpenters used to build the original ships. 
Hand-forged nails were modeled after some recovered from a 
16th century shipwreck. The sails are made of linen, the 
closest natural fiber to the original hemp canvas. 

From October through December, 1992, the ships are 
scheduled to stop in the California cities of San Francisco, San 
Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, San Juan de Capistrano and San 




; < 





««*i:yL?RL. . «^ 


^te& r J 




4 A 

^KLaJ , 


• » 


U.S. Troops in Somalia 


"" ° TM«« 

\ ^^ M 

^H ' ■■ ■ ■ ■ , ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

H v ^1 

r '.'"'■'■ f'V.'''''^H 

B^^I^Bf l-j^L^ ~ j^l 

clockwise from top left: Dr. Clauston Jenkins, President of the 
College; Dr. John Hume. Dean of the College, Mary Lou Jones, 
Dean of Students; The Rev. Janet Walrous, College chaplain 


(Faculty, Staff, Adrniriistratlcri) 


Betty Adams 
Professor; Chair., Art & P.E. 

Ellen Few Anderson 
Assistant Professor, Art 
Fletcher Teaching Fellow 

Kenneth H. Babb 
Instructor of Chemistry 

Joan P. Battle 
Director, Guidance 

Dr. Thomas M. Bauso 
Associate Professor, English 

Antonia Beh 
Instructor. Dance 

Ellen Birch 
Fletcher Endowed Professor, Math 

Louise Bolash 
Circulation Librarian 

Dr. Joseph Caddell 
Associate Professor. History 


Georgette Campbell 
Associate Professor, Biology 

Bonnie Clark 
Director, Health Center 

Win Crawley 
Director, Plant Operations 

^ __-^ 

Sk > 


■ [.I 

'x5^ ^\ 

K^y % v 



ifci'V**'. ^M 

Pat Del Sapio 

Elizabeth Dixon 
College Advisor 

Barbara Elliot 
Assistant Professor, Math 

Dr. Steven Esthimer 
J Rankin Professor. Religion & Philosophy 

Chair, Humanities & Social Sciences 

J. P. Fesperman 
Assistant Food Service Director 

Hiram Fuller 
Buildings, Maintenance Supervisor 


Laum Gilmour 
Physical Ed. Instructor 

Gloria Graham 
Acquisitions Assistant 

Seldcn Gray 
Associate Director, Admissions 

Alice Greiner 
Chair, Math & Science 

Dr. Margaret Grissom 
Chair. Languages & Literature 

Dr. Kenneth Guilmart 
Assistant Professor. Latin 

Rebekah Gunn 
Assistant Professor. English 

June Gunter 
Instructor of Psychology 

Nicole Hagan 
Assistant Professor, French 


Carolyn Hicks 
Career Counselor 

Karen Hillman 
Assistant Professor, Spanish 

Alice Hunter 
Mailroom Supervisor 

Pauline Hyman 
Assistant Professor, Social Studit 

Jocelyn James 
Landscape Foreman 

Gretchen Johnson 
Director, Financial Aid 

Pi. * - 

T£ *j 

Dr. Karen Johnson 
/ Associate Professor, Social Studies 

Margie Johnson 

Sarah Johnson 
Library Assistant 


Bonnie Leopard 
Secretary, Guidance 

Roger Lee 
Assistant Professor, Religion & Philosophy 

Marjorie Maddrey 
Internal Aud. /Account Supervisor 

Art McRue 
Associate Professor, Math 

Margaret McGlohon 
Director, Activities & Housing 

Dr. Lucy Melbourne 
Associate Professor, French 

Rosalene Melzger 
Assistant to Dean of Students 

Linda Mueller 
Instructor of Biology 

Susan Musgrave 
Director. Annual Givine 


Dr. Margaret O'Shaughnessey 
Assistant Professor of English 

WK ^ 

W' 1 

Katy Peacock 
Instructor of Math 


Betty Petway 


Pat Plant 
Bookstore Manager 

Gisela Plenimons 
Bookstore Assistant 

Jenny Herbert 
Director of Admissions 

Henry Read 
Director, Development 

Susanne Schmidt 
Admissions Secretary 

Allison Smith 
Hall Director 

Dr. Marti Smith 
Head Librarian 

Mary Virginia Swain 
Director, College Relatio: 

Terry Thompson 
Assistant Professor of Music 

Christine Thomson 
Reference Librarian 

Debbie Williams 
Library Assistant 
Public Services 

Jean Ann Wood 
Food Service Director 


Jennifer Rasmovich returns serve. 

, ,. ,. arid we aire merely players 

( I I Ih Kraik- ) 


Cynthia O'Connor Akcrs 

Natalie Amanda Allen 
Julieanne Elizabeth Arnold 
Brooke Candler Bohannon 

Virginia Lambeth Bullock 

Pamela Dawn Campbell 

Anna Fuller Carslarphcn 

Susan Marion Carter 

Anne Gibson Connell 

Sarah Elaine Corbitt 

Jenica Zorka Cvjetnieanin 

Jerilyn Elizabeth Cvjetnieanin 

Anne Thurston Debnam 

Emily Bateson Dillon 

Angela Michelle Englebert 

Jennifer Ann Erwin 



Holly Jay Evans 

Whitney Erin Gendron 

Emily Pierce Jenkins 

Victoria Elizabeth Killen 

Eliza Sinclair Fowler 

Jennifer Rebecca Georee 

Jennifer Joy Jones 

Kristin Harrison Kimbrell 

Judith Ann Freeman 

Amber E. Harris 

Mary Susan Jones 

Cameron McMillan Kirkland 

■Catherine Anna Garrett 

Nancy Bryson Hill 

Lesley Ann Joyner 

Cecily Robin Luta 


Anndrea Marie Lytch 

Amy Lee Mackie 

Meredith Miller Madison 

Elizabeth Madry Miller 

Millicenl Paige Mooring 

Rebecca Anne Newman 

Alice Gray Odom 
Elizabeth Sanders Olson 

Fleur Christal Oplekamp 

Elizabeth Ward Pittman 

Peri Gwen Potkovick 

Jennifer Ann Rasmovich 

Rebecca Lynn Rocque 

Anna Frances Rogerson 

Laura Bowen Ross 

Margaret Elizabeth Rowell 

Annika Honorah Schauer 

Beverlee Alexandra Seago 

Brenda Leigh Sharpe 

Elizabeth Thompson Shepard 

Amy Lawrence Snipes 

Brimage Gil lam Spruill 

Margaret Ashley Stamey 

Leigh Erin Stucky 

Jennifer Anna Tatum 
Margaret Evans Taylor 

Mandy Verose 
Leslie Ruth Wagstaff 


1 9 ^H i ■ / 

Amy Hassinger plays The Wife of Bath in Dr. Grissora's class. 

• ,. ,. anndl ipilgrines were ttiey aille, trial toward 
Caiuimteirlbunry welder ryde 

(I2lh grade) 

Mary Penn Anthony 
"Don't lead me; I may not follow. Don't 
walk behind me; I may not lead. Walk beside 
me and be my friend." 

Helen Suzanne Simpson 

Dana Elizabeth Sears 

Eleanor Brooke Ramos 

Kimberly Jo Ryan 

Nancy Kathryn Underwood 
If you love something, set it free. 
If it comes back to you, it's yours to keep. 
If it doesn't it was never meant to be. 


[Catherine Arrington Bauso 
'"Friendship is born at the moment one person 
says to another 'What? You too? 1 thought no 
one but myself . . .' 

— C.S. Lewis 

Julie Lynn Bauehman 
"For all the sadness of elosure, there is a new 
joyful unfolding in the process of becom- 
ing." — Mary Casey 

Nicole Michelle Barnett 
"And it's all over before you know it — It all 
goes by fast. And bad nights last forever, and 
the good nights don't seem to last." — Tom 

Valerie Marie Bennett 

Claudia Bayley Bishop 
"You and 1 will meet again, when we're least 
expecting it one day in some far off place, I 
will recognize your face I won't say good-bye 
my friend, for you and 1 will meet again." 
— Tom Petty 

Elizabeth Strickland Blackwood 
"There's a road up ahead and it's a long one. 
It's waiting on the restless and the young." — 

Laura Kelly Blount 
Sowin" all your wild oats — In another's lux- 
uries Yesterday was Tuesday — Maybe 
Thursday you can sleep But school starts 
much too early — And this hotel wasn't free 
— So party til your connection calls — Honey 
I'll return the key. 

— Guns 'N Roses 

Jennifer Renee Boleman 
"I'm so glad we had this time together, just to 
laugh or sing a song. Seems we just got start- 
ed, and before you know it comes a time we 
have to say so long." — Carol Burnett 

Evadora Carrie Boyd 
"No straight lines make up my life, and all 
my roads have bends. There are no clear-cut 
oesiinnings. and so far no dead ends." 

Baity Elizabeth Bryant 
"If there is one thing that I have learned 
It is the point of no return 
And if that is to be our fate 
Now is not time to hesitate." — Hoodoo 

Elizabeth Brookby 

Caroline Jane Caudill 
"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I 
took the one less traveled by. And that has 
made all the difference." — Robert Frost 

Jaye Carla Cherry 
"Dead fish go with the flow." — anonymous 

Robin Rhode Conklin 
"You can only make so much money in life 
and only enjoy so many creature comforts. 
The important thing is to do something mean- 
ingful — to leave something behind." — 
Roone Arledge 

Sara Perry Culpepper 
To reach your destination . . . 
Sail your best . . . 
Dance the tides . . . 
Til the river runs dry 

Laurie Gilbert Deatherage 

Cameron Brady Dixon 

Jennifer Ann Esham 
"Our memories of yesterday will last . 

We'll take the best, forget the rest, 
and someday we'll find — 
these are the best times." — Styx 



Alice Cheatham Everett 

Jennifer Dickson Fritts 
"If you go over to the dark side looking for 
answers you are going to get hurt." — anony- 

Lisa Amanda Hurukawa 
"And You O my soul where you stand. 
Surrounded, detached, in measureless oceans 
of space. 

Ceaselessly musing, venturing, throwing, 
seeking the spheres to connect them, 
Til the bridge you will need be form'd till the 
ductile anchor hold. 

Till the gossamer thread you fling catch 
somewhere, O my soul." 

- Walt Whitman, 
"A Noiseless Patient Spider" 

Heather Lyn Gibson 
"It's too soon to ever say goodbye. Let the 
wine of friendship never run dry. Here's to 
you and here's to me!" — Lcs Miserables 

Julia Anne Griffin 

Mollie Elizabeth Hammond 


Elizabeth Pearce Hanna 
"I'm glad I did it, partly because it was well 
worth it, but mostly because I shall never 
have to do it again." — Mark Twain 

Jennifer Leigh Harris 

Sarah Amy Hassinger 
"Our memories of yesterday will last a life- 
time; we'll take the best, forget the rest, and 
someday we'll find — these are the best 
times." — Styx 

Dana Lynn Havelka 
"There are places I remember all my life, 
though some have changed, some forever not 
for better, some are gone and some remain. 
All these places have their moments with 
people and friends. 1 still can recall . . . in my 
life — Tver loved them all." — John Lennon 

Frances Elizabeth Herring 
"I've shut the door on yesterday 
And thrown the key away — 
Tomorrow holds no fear for me. 
Since I have found today." — Vivian Lar- 

Amv Christian Honevcutt 


Alston Hoover 

Mary Norvell Hope 
"Whether you are young or old you gotta let 
the good times roll. 'Cause if you don't 
you're dead and gone." 

— Reeter Skeeter Phi Delt '88 

Elizabeth Claire Jenkins 

Harriet Frances Kennedy 
"Trails of troubles, roads of battles, paths of 
victory I shall walk. The trail is dusty and my 
road, it might be rough, but the better roads 
are waiting, and boys, it ain't far off." 

— Bob Dylan 

Shannon Lynette Jenkins 
"Now this is not the end. It is not even the 
beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps the 
end of the beginning." 

— Winston Churchill 

Anne Randall Kettle 
"Got no time for spreading roots, the time has 
come to be gone, and though in health we 
drank a thousand times, it's time to ramble 
on." — Led Zeppcllin 

Emily Paige Johnson 

Emma Caldwell Linker 

Ashley Paige Maddox 

Michelle Boyk Oppegaard 
"The white porpoise comes to me at night, 
singing in the river of time, with a thousand 
dolphins in radiant attendance. Bringing 
charismatic greetings from the Prince of 
Tides . . ." — Jimmy Buffett 

Jennifer Elizabeth Ormsby Mary Sawyer Pierce 

"What lies behind us and what lies before us "If I had my time again. I would do it all the 

are tiny matters compared to what lies within same." — B.A.D.II 
us." — Emerson 


Stephanie Elizabeth Latta 

Lori Leigh Leatherman 
"Always there remains portions of our hearts 
into which no one is able to enter, invite them 
as we may." — Mary Dixon Thayer 

Anne Beamon Lewis 
"Someday when we reminisce, we'll say 
there wasn't too much we missed. And 
through the tears, we'll smile when we recall 
we had it all." — St. Elmo's Fire 

Shirlisa Jane Mann 

Kristen Nicole Martin 

Heather Jane May 


Helen Middleton Nobles 

When al 

Carrie Noel McCracken 
else fails, JUST GO!!! 

Leah McCotter 
"Don't walk ahead of me; I may not follow. 
Don'l walk behind me; I may not lead. 
Just walk beside me and be my friend." — 

Joanna Elizabeth Odere 
"If you need a shoulder 
Or if you need a friend 
I'll be here standing 
Until the bitter endT" — Guns 'n Roses 

Mayumi Okura 

Jennifer Elizabeth Ormsbv 


Katheryn Helen Powell 
If we stand for nothing, we'll fall for any- 

I have made some of the best memories here 
at Saint Mary's, and I will remember them 
and ya'U forever! 

Heather Susanne Parker 
Some people come into our lives and quickly 
go. Some stay for awhile, make footprints in 
our hearts, and we are never the same. 

Jennifer Lynn Parker 
"How lucky we are to have something that 
makes saying goodbye so hard." — Annie 

Catherine Mann Wade 
"Pooh, don't ever forget me. 'Cause if 
thought you would — 1 would never leave.' 
— Christopher Robin 

Susan Rebecca Wallace 

Elizabeth Cecelia Ward 
"Well, maybe I've got no star to spare, or 
anything fine or even rare. Only if you let me 
be your world could I ever give this world to 
you." — Grateful Dead 


Nancy Williams Mercer 

Rebecca Anne Mercer 
"Time rolls on, people touch and then they're 
gone. But you and I will never love again like 
we did then." — unknown 

Katherine Mitchell 
"If someone thinks that love and peace is a 
cliche that should have been left in the '60s, 
that's his problem. Peace and love are 
eternal." — John Lennon 

Allison Adams Murphy 
"If I knew where it was I would take you 
there, there's much more than this" — (Pearl 
Jam); "If this world makes you crazy and 
you've taken all you can bear, you call me up, 
and you know I'll be there." — (Cyndi 
Lauper) ... I love you. Love, Allison 

Sarah Lynn Montgomery 
"How lucky we are to have something that 
makes saying good-bye so hard." — Annie 

Rebecca Elizabeth Newby 
Do not go where the path may lead ... go 
instead where there is no path and leave a 


Susan Dianne Witt 
God grant me the serenity to accept the things 
I cannot change, the courage to change the 
things I can. and the wisdom to know the dif- 

Emily Dixon Workman 
"I always knew that looking back on us cry- 
ing would make me laugh, but I never thought 
that looking back on us laughing would make 
me cry." 

Sarah Catherine Wright 
'"Yesterday, there were so many things I was 
never told — now that I'm starting to learn I 
feel I'm growing old. Yesterday's got nothing 
for me. pictures that I'll always see — time 
just fades the pages in my book of mem- 
ories.'' — GN'R 

Susan Jolly Young 
"True friends are hard to find, 
leave, and impossible to forget." 

Ashlynn Boisseau 
harder to "Please watch out for each other, and love 
and forgive everybody. It's a good life, enjoy 
it." — Jim Henson 

Dear Mom, Dad, Brenn, Yates and my Best 
Buds, you all have made everyday a memory 
for me and I thank each of you for your love 
and friendship. 

Love always, 
Ashlynn "Ash" Boisseau 

Emmalee Davis Jones 

Kimberly Jan Walker 

Catherine Marie Warrington 
"We laughed until we had to cry. 
And we loved right down 'til our last goodby. 
We were the best, I think we'll ever be. 
Just you and me tor just a moment ..." — 
St. Elmo's Fire 

Corbin Lynn Williams 

Lucy Marshall White 
"Take your time, think a lot. 
Why think of everything you've got. 
For you will still be here tomorrow 
But your dreams may not." — Cat Stevens 

Jamie Allison Wilkes 
"Life is too short to worry about unimportant 
things. Reach for the sky and touch your star, 
and then you'll find your dreams. So. be 
young, be foolish, but be happy!" — the 

Mary Margaret Williams 
DELERIUM: "There must be a word for it 
... the thing that lets you know time is hap- 
pening. Is there a word?" 
MORPHEUS: "Change." — excerpt from 
Sandman c. '92 


Kittie Lassiter in Talking With 

-. ii • 

It's cur dreams tlriat make uis wlriat we aire ,. ,. ,.* ! 




Christine Hingwai Yap 

Meredith Elizabeth Toomes 

Sara Glenn Voelker 

Baxter Leigh Wagner 

Ann Mason Waites 

Deedy Lynn Waterworth 

Joanna Barber Weatherman 

Caroline Atkinson Weber 

Lisa Caroline Weber 

Robin Jennifer White 
Anna Lawson Whitlej 

Holly Beth Wilensky 
Karen Christine Work 

Jennifer Nicole Alexander 

Danen Allaire Alger 

(Catherine Kendal Allen 

Melissa Kay Armstrong 

Sidney Clarke Barry 
Suzanne Mane Bell 
Margaret Lynn Bitter 
Lauren Lynn Blaney 

Nancy Alison Brill 

Lisa Marie Bruneau 

Angela Lynn Bunn 

Jennie Mane Burgess 

Ken Denise Burnette 

Alexandra Van Pelt Calves 
Knicole Marion Carson 
Nina Marie Cavallaro 


Elizabeth Anne Carter Cheek 

Camile Danielle Clark 

Danielle Leigh Claycomb 

Lucy Spotswood Coleman 

Christine Nichole Costantina 

Jennifer Caroline Covington 

Amanda Ellen Cox 

Elizabeth Ashley Degner 

Stephanie Ann Mane Dickens 

Elisa Mary Esposito 

Marie Elizabeth Farr 

Diana Ruth Ferrin 

Shannon Leigh Gardner 

Man Catherine Gentry 

Anne Van Even Glenn 

Rachel Cameron Graham 


Elizabeth Keats Grant 

Ann Chancellor Green 

Alison Paige Gullet! 

Catherine Whitney Hair 

Alice Elizabeth Herring 

Louisa Blair Hickman 

Megan Lee Hotze 

Beth Ely Huber 

Mary Grayson Hux 

Kate Allison Hyde 

Maki Ideguchi 

Emily Phillips Jackson 

Jeannie Leandra Jackson 

Ellen Mayo Jarnian 
Allison Virginia Jarrell 
Helene Moran Jennings 





Meghan Leigh Ortman 
Allison Langford Partridge 

Ginny Sluart Patterson 
Julie Marie Penta 

Mary Patricia Phillips 
Jennifer Leigh Porter 
Kathrine Lee Porter 
Robin Davis Powell 

Camie Cameron Prenderizast 

Elizabeth Bieknell Prince 

Anna Carole Query 

Shay Rhoda Rabon 

Elizabeth Lynn Rainey 

Arabella Renner 

Laura Gayle Riehey 

Jennifer Mane Rouse 


Meredith Paige Johnson 

Jesse Danielle Johnston 

Jennifer Joy Jones 

ECumiko (Catherine Kawata 

Amy Kilgore 

Joanne Denise King 

Margery Walker Knoll 

Jennifer Lvnn Koch 

: r 

Kaoru Koiwa 
Yasuko Kubo 

Jennifer Joi Kuhn 
Mary Katherine Lassiter 

Alison Emily Leith 
Sally Margaret Lowder 
Daniele Marie Malvesti 
Mary Elizabeth Mauldin 


Shannon Marie Russell 
Courtney Varnell Schomp 

Pany Seyed 
Constance Woodbury Silver 

Julia Thompson Smith 

Alice Michelle Smith 

Stacey Leigh Stallard 

Adrienne Lee Skarzvnski 

Andrea Gave Staunch 

Austin Blair Staunch 

Susan Campbell Stone 

Michelle Sanders Sullivan 

Meredith Ann Taylor 

Susan Ann Taylor 

Emily Jordan Teague 

Choate Toccoa 

Heather Jenette May 
Susan Raye Mayberry 
Doreen Blythe McCoy 

Mary Hillary McGee 

Amy Robinson Mcllvam 

Ashley Carroll Melton 

Evelyn Caroline Mercer 

Kan Michele Miles 

Caren Dryden Mills 
Lori Paige Misenheimer 

Carrie Wing Yan Mok 
Macarena Mon 

Elise Johnson Morgan 

Lisa Victoria Mulligan 

Catherine Lvnnc Mynck 

Kathleen Camilla O'Neal 

Dow Perry hangs a Christmas wreath. 

act well tlry part 


Amy Catherine Albertson 
■ hen you are born to run, it's so hard to just 
vdown. So don't be surprised to see me back 
le bright part of town." — (Steve Winwood) 
rhanks Mom and Dad for everything. I love 

Sara Jane Apple 

Sarah Elizabeth Ash 
"The man who trims himself to everybody soon 
whittles himself away." — Charles Schwab 

Anne Kathryn Avery 

Jamie Lynn Brantley 

Michelle Isabelle Carter 


Kathryn Ann Akers 

Mary Ellen Collier 
"You don't worry about things you c;| 
change" and "You gotta believe." (Ja 
Walls) — "Learn as if you were to live fore! 
ive as if you were to die tomorrow." (anon. 
"The most wasted day is that in which we I 
not laughed." — Chamfort 

Lauren Bryan Counts 

Catherine Elizabeth Dalton 

Alicia Ann Douthit 
"But it was rough living in the house all l] 
time, and so when I couldn't stand it no long£ 
lit out . . . and was free and satisfied." — M< 


Stephanie Heather Dudley 

Elizabeth Lehto Edwards 
"It all seems so important now. but tomorrow 
you will feel it less, and later it will be a memory 
— something to guide you, but not to limit 
you." — George Betts 

Lara Ann Eppert 
"We laughed until we had to cry & we loved 
right down to our last goodbye. We were the best 
1 think we'll ever be just you & me for just a mo- 
ment." — St. Elmo's Fire 

Kristan Aine Foard 
I.Ve can walk our roads together, if our goals 
ilt the same. We can run alone and free, if we 
ksue a different theme." (RUSH) — "Think 
me, think of me fondly when we've saidgood- 
k. Remember me once in awhile, please prom- 
//me you'll try." — Phantom of the Opera 

Mary Rebecca Deas Folline 

Merry Elleanor Anne Fuller 
"If we shadows have offended. 
Think but this, and all is mended. 
That you have but slumb'red here 
While these visions did appear." 
— Shakespeare 


Melissa Patrisse Fuller 
"Secure yourself to heaven. 
Hold on tight the night has come. 
Fasten up your earthly burdens. 
You have just begun." — Indigo Girls 

Kristen Morrow Gacck 

Sally Ann Gallagher 

Jacquelyn Suzanne Gil 

Katherine Adams Gregory 
"When you are real, shabbiness doesn't mat- 

— Velveteen Rabbit 

Christine Lee Griffin 

Susan Dawn Hair 

Carter Elizabeth Hall 

Elizabeth Battle Harrison 
"Here I go — I'm unchained and dancing in the 
streets." — Van Halen 

Louisa McCord Harrison 

Amy Lea Henrick 

Stacey Christine Hogue 
"Things turn out best for the people who make 
the best out of the way things turn out." — Art 
Linkletter — ... Salty Dogs Forever 


Elizabeth Manning Jervis 
As I leave SMC behind me, it will always remind 
me "In good times and bad times, I'll be on your 
side forever more, because . . . that's what 
friends are for." I luv ya'll! 

Erica Paula Jones 
"My motherland father| wanted me to be [their] 
wings, to fly as she [ they | never quite had the 
courage to do. I love her [them] for that. I love 
the fact that she |they] wanted to give birth to her 
[their] own wings." — Erica Jong 

Shannon Leigh Jones 

Maria Jose Juris 

Courtney Ann Keenan 
"Close your eyes and think of me and soon I will 
be there to brighten up even your darkest night." 
— James Taylor 

"No I won't be afraid. No i won't be afraid, just 
as long as you stand, stand by me." — Ben E. 
King — I love you guys! (me) 

Kristi Dawn Lasater 

Ann Gadsen Lee 

Amy Millard Lindenschmidt 

Christina Susan Lundblad 
"May the sun bring you new energies by day. 
May the moon softly restore you by night. May 
the rain wash away any worries you may have, 
and the breeze blow new strength into your 
being. And then, all the days of your life, may 
you walk gently through the world and know its 
beauty." — M.A. Eller 

Tiffany Aliexis McGough 
Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the 
:rmission of another." — Madonna 

Elizabeth Blake Marshall 

Lisa Dawn Martin 


Yuko Matsuyama 

Camilla Rodman May 
If wc couldn't laugh, we would all go insane.' 
— Jimmy Buffctt 

Jennifer Auslin Minges 

Chiga Miyake 

Kristine Ann Moyer 
"You see things and say why, but I dream things 
that never were and I ask why not?" — George 
Bernard Shaw (Thanks Mom & Dad: I loveya'll) 

Sanae Murata 

Amanda Hill Nesbitt 

Milla Maritta Pentti 

Elizabeth Dow Perry 
For only God could have given me friends as 
special as you. 

Michelle Phares 

Meridith Pope Phillippi 

Mariana Blair Pinner 
"Imagine all the people, living life in peace . . . 
You may say I'm adreamer, but I'm not the only 
one ... I hope some day you'll join us, and the 
world will be one." — John Lennon, Imagine 


Virginia Winston Rice 

Camille Marie Rundle 

Maria Jose Salazar 
"Nothing much to say I guess 
Just the same as all the rest . . . 
Been trying to throw my arms around the u< 
. . ." (U2) 

Hwai L. (Amy) See 

Ashley Taylor Shelton 
From WHERE? . . . Gate City, Virginia 

Erika Kirsten Sjostedt 
"There are two things to aim at in life; first to ; 
what you want; and after that, to enjoy it. Or 
the wisest of mankind achieve the second 
(Logan P. Smith) "It is easy to live for othe 
Everybody does. I call on you to live for yoi 
selves." — Ralph Waldo Emerson 


Amy Michelle Sondergard 

Cecilia Ashton Sotomayor 
"Look inside yourself, if you don't see what you 
want and maybe sometimes you don't; then 
leave your mind alone and just get high." — All- 
man Brothers — "If I had the world to give, I'd 
give it to you — as long as you live." — Robert 

Emily Vaughan Sprouse 

Charlotte Leslie Stephenson 

Jennifer Justine Stocks 

Mary Louise Talley 


Jennifer Marie Thomas 

Juliet Shane Thomas 

Robin Elaine Truitt 

Valerie Layne Van Oosten 
"I'll keep you close as always it won't even 
seem we've gone cause our hearts in big and 
small ways will keep the love that keeps us 
strong! A lifetime's not too long to live as 
friends." — Michael W. Smith 

Kasey Dawn Waters 

Rebecca Jane Whiley 

Masako Yamamoto 

Haddy Jeng 



Cameron, We love you! Juliana 
and Wes 

Valerie Bennett 

It's been such a joy watching you mature, seeing you 
become the wonderful person you are. Congratulations. 
"Sweet Pea"! Love. Mom 

Katherine Adams Gregory 
Your years at Saint Mary's might be over - 
but never, never will they be forgotten — We 
love youlll Mom. Dad, and Jamie 

tfobody works, dances, smiles, or 


Ike our Carla — favorite daughter, granddaughter, and 

'ster. . . Congratulations on all you haveaccomplished. 

love. Mom, Xan, Quin, and Granma Ray 

ammie Rundle — So our little girl chose a 
ttle girl's school in Raleigh, NC . . . Ya did 
aod Baby Cakes, real good! Now will you 
3me home to Kentucky? We didn't think so! 
:nyway, no degree of distance can ever di- 
linish our love for you. Mom & Dad 

Christina Urgo — it seems like yesterday your college 
life had just begun. Congratulations on a job well done. 
You're as special as the finest wine. With all our love: 
Mom, Dad, and the Gang of Nine 

Courtney Keenan — You're come a long way 
and we are proud of your accomplishments! 
Love, Mom, Dad, Erin, and Bayne 

Kristen Martin — In so many ways, 
on so many days, you have made our 
world bright and beautiful. Love, 
Mom, Dad, Jason, & Molly 

Amanda Cox — Keep striving for the very best. 
We are very proud of you. Congratulations and 
much love — Mom, Dad, & David 

arrie McCracken 

JTo love someone is to give them room 
nough to grow." 

Lots of love. Mom, Dad, & Erin 



"Choice, not chance, determines destiny." 
Wc are proud of the choices you've made. 
Believe in your dreams 
Wc believe in you! 

Love, Mother and Dad 




j||flL V) iH: 

M^Pf \$f8f &»l '£■/ •-A***'v?*kS; 

W^pA^L^-' ■■-':' 

WvSIHIm^Q"' '"' " 

jflffl |aftj:|~ 

Jennifer Renee Boleman. Congratulations on your gradu- 

ation from Saint Mary's. We are so proud of you and your 

many accomplishments. We arc confident you will make a 

difference in this world. All our love. Mother & Dad 


Dear Baity — 

Believe in yourself and don't be afraid to take the risk of living. Each of us is 

important and has something to give Congratulations! We are deeply proud of 


Our love forever, Mom and Dad 

Emily Sprouse 

Tiny and beautiful. 

The girl with the smarts. 

You're ever Precious 

in our hearts. 

We are so proud of you, Emily. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Your beauty of soul and face is unsurpassed; your intc 
lect, keen wit, joy in life and goodness are the apex! 
Love, Mom, Dad, Tim, and Bill 

Lori Leatherman — (The Raging Cajun) 
CONGRATULATIONS! We are so proud of 

you and you are very special to us. 
Love, Dad, Family, and Friends 

To Jennifer Ormsby — wit 


.pecial Love for a most special young 
Dad. and Chris 


Kim. you have always been the bright spot in our lives. You c 
never know how much you mean to both of us. 
Congratulations' Love. Mom and Dad 

Em, nothing can stop you now! You're the greatest 
gift two parents could have. We love you. Mom, 
Dad, Chelsea, & Boots 

Alston Hoover — 

We knew you were GREAT all along. 
Congratulations! Love, Mom and 




Jicia Ann Douthit 

May all the roads ahead of you b 
paved with happiness. 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Audrey 

Dear Betsy, 
] You're the greatest grandchild on earth. 
With love from. 

Dear Betsy, 

I'm so proud of you for making a decision and 
sticking to it. I am so lucky to have you as my 
"little girl" and my best friend! 
1 love you. Mom 

Amy Hassinger — Thank you for being such u wonderful 
part of our lives! We are so proud of you and hope all your 
dreams come true. With lots of love. 
Mom, Dad. & Molly 

To Mary Pendleton Anthony 

Congratulations to a very special daughter who has given 
us unlimited joy! We all love you. 
Mom, Pop, Todd, Kenneth, Richard, & Beth 

Sara — our Shining Star! We love you! 
Mom, Dad, Patrick, Paige, & Riggins! 

To Emmalee Jones — 

You are one fine young woman! Congratulations! We 
love you and are so glad you are a part of us . . . 
Mom, Dad, Gray and Eric 

i'llizabeth Brookby — you had the courage to take the 
'■'road less traveled." Continue to spread all the joy you 
'live to others. 
Our deepest love. Mom and Dad 

Fran Kennedy 

Congratulations! We're proud of you and we love our 


Love, Dad, Mom. and Anissa 

Congratulations Julie! 

We are so proud of your achievements and know you 

will make a worthy contribution in your corner of the 


With all our love, 

Mom & Len; Dad & Patty; Laurie, Rebecca, & Sarah 


Jennifer Esham 

We are proud of you! You dared to reach out — to leave the 
security of your island home. Love you lots, 
Mom and Dad 


[3."''- "^ 




Congratulations Dana! We are ALL proud of 
you. Love you much! Mom, David, Teri, 
Jessica. Heidi, Sam Lushane, & CAT (alias 
ELLE — Sandra) 

Mary Norvcll. 

A.K.A. ■■Mimi" 

Perhaps your nickname could be an abbreviation for "mosi 

prcssive — most impressive." 


Mom. Dad. Kathleen, and Mickey 

LORA, we are proud of you; keep up the good 


Love, Mom, Dad, and Billy 



Cassie Warrington — Congratulations to our 
#1 Red. You made us so proud. 
Love, Mama. Daddy, and Curt 

Catherine Wade — 
Monkey!! Go for it all! 
M.O.M. and D.O.D. 

We love you! 

Ann Lee, You were a wonderful child and you are a remark- 
able young lady — We are very proud of you and we love 
you. Mama & Daddv 



Mary Margaret Williams — We are so proud of you! 
Success and happiness to you always. 

Love. Mom. Dad. Cameron and Jason, loo 

Congratulations, Lara 

We are so proud of you! We love yo 

very much!! 

Dad, Mom, Baba, and Misty 


After 1 8 years of wonderful experiences - 

proud to call you our daughter — 

We love you. 

Mom & Dad 

- you make us 

Beth Hanna — Congratulations to a special person 
with determination! 

Love, Mom & Ray, Dad & Debbie, Geov, Mark, 
Sorbie & Banjo 

To Kakie Bashoo, 

From Mom, Dad, Louise & Anne, 

We love and admire you forever. 

Katherinc Mitchell — 

We are so very proud of you and love you with all our hearts 

Mom, Dad, Boo & Emmy 

Beaman Lewis — The sun shines brighter when you are 
around. Congratulations and we love you! 
Mom, Dad, and Garrett 

Kate King: 

You arc the sunshine in our lives Congratulations. We are so proud 

of what you have accomplished 

We love you. Mom & John 

Stephie Gur! ("Toolie") — Congratulations, you have ac- 
complished a lot this year! Remember who you are and what you 
want in life. 
We love you and are so proud of you. Mom, Dad, Reggie & Sid 

Anne Kettle — 

You did it! We always knew you 
would. Congratulations! Much love. 
Mom, Dad, & Kathryn 

Katheryn Powell 

Wherever you go, whatever you do. you will always 

have our love and support! Love, 

Mom, Dad, Amanda and Rebecca 

Kristan Foard — Being yourself includes taking 
risks yourself, taking risks on new Behavior try- 
ing new ways of "being yourself/' So that you 
can see how it is you want to be. Love, Mom, 
Said, Gee Mom & Gee Dad and the Clan 

Laurie Gilbert Stewart Deatherage 
For our precious Laurie — 

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all 
things, endures all things. Love never falls. I Cor. 13. 
We applaud you for your success and rejoice with you in 
all of your new endeavors. Love, Dad, Mom, Mae 
Blount, Robert, Michael James, Jazz, Peetney and 

Amy Sondergard 

Pretty as a picture 

Sweet as a peach 

Opportunities await you 

If only you reach 

Go for it Amy! 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad. Brett. & Scott 







Jennifer Fritts — Life is full of challenges and you've learned 
to turn them into opportunities — We are so proud of you! 
Love always. Mom and Dad 

Kim Ryan — You are a very special person! Aim high, 
dare to dream, realize choices and enjoy life. Con- 
gratulations! I'm so very proud of you! Love, Mom 

Jennifer Harris — We are very proud of yoi 
You are a beautiful young lady who has at 
complished so much in seventeen short year* 
We love you — Mama and Daddy 

Valerie van Oosten 


Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of 

my bone. 
But still miraculously my own. 
Never forget for a single minute 

that you 
Grew not under my heart, but in it. 

When your dad and 1 adopted you at the age of 
3 days, we called you our "miracle baby.*' 
Even though he lived only a short time after 
your birth, you were his "miracle." You will 
always be mine. With love and pride. Mom 

Sara Culpepper — Dearest Sara Perry. "All the world' 
stage . . . " just waiting for you ! We are so proud of y< 
and love you very much. Mom. Dad. Hope. & Lisa 

Beth Herring — Our little girl, now a 
beautiful young lady. We are very 
proud of you. We love you, Mom & 

Corbin Williams — Congratulations and 
much love from your fan club! Mom, Dad, 
Matt, and Murphy 

Heather May — Never give up that wonder child within you 

who feels the joy and creates beauty and magic. Be happy. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Amy Lindenschmidt 

Sogifted . , a true gift from God. 
You mean the world to us. Mom, 

.you continue to be. , THEBEST!! 
'Daddy Doug," Ashley and V.J. 

MARIA JOSE JURIS: We arc so proud of you for what you have 
accomplished. We have always loved you very, very much. 
Congratulations, Father, Mother, Brother and the whole Family 

**» *% ■* 

Betsy Ward — Dearest daughter, you are of a group of those 
who make things happen. Nothing worthwhile ever comes 
without hard work. Explore. Dream. Discover. We love you. 
Mama and Daddy 

Leah McCotter, Our number one son. Congratulations 
and best wishes!! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!! 
Love. Dad. Mom, Catherine, Fred, Dolly, Kate. Tuffer, 
Momcat, and Michael 

Emma — We've always kept things hopping, 
and whenever I've needed you, you've been 
all ears! Thanks for being a great sister. I love 
you! Wil 

"Mommy's smart, but Daddy's Wise." — DCL/ 

Emma, you are blessed with being smart. Keep your 
heart and mind and ears open so you may grow wise. 
And remember, take time to blow bubbles! We are 
full of pride for all that you are, and full of anticipa- 
tion for all that you will become. You have our love 
and prayers and support always. — Mommy and 





*^<~ -^^k 

^ a i 

m& j 

Michelle Oppegaard 

Think freely, feel deeply, reach for the sky. 

You have failed only when you have failed to try. 

Welcome love, dream dreams, wish on a star. 

The best part of you is who you really are. 

Love and Congratulations! Mom and Daddy 

The 1993 Stagecoach extends special thanks to Margaret 
McGlohon, Mary Virginia Swain, and Doris Nelson. 

The entire school wishes to thank Betty Petway for being the 
and for being herself. We love you, Betty! 

Curtain Calls 

Each one an actress, her part well played 

Our drama done — here — our memories made 

years to come call 


Final bows taken. Future scenes beckon 

And we are ready. 

But what we were, together, will never come again. 

"O body swayed to music, O brightening glance. 

How can we know the dancer from the dance?